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    Our Methodology

    Ba Zi - BabyChineseNames.com

    Ba Zi Compatibility

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    The Ba Zi or Eight Characters of Fate are the signs of your destiny. The Chinese place a heavy emphasis on the birth date and timing of a person as it gets mapped to a set of Eight Characters that are said to lay out a person's character, luck and destiny.

    Five Elements Theory - BabyChineseNames.com

    Five Elements Theory

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    The Five Elements Theory is a Chinese philosophy used to describe the interactions and relationship between things. The Five Elements are Wood (木), Fire (火), Earth (土), Metal (金) and Water (水). These elements would interact with each other. Strengthening or destroying each other based on the relationship. For example, Water strengthens Wood while Metal destroys Wood.

    Each person is born to a different configuration of Five Elements that is depicted in their Ba Zi. An individual's Five Elements profile is typically not balanced at birth and should be strengthened through a well chosen name.

    Yin Yang - BabyChineseNames.com

    Yin Yang Balance

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    The Chinese believe that all forces flow into one another and are interconnected. Yin (阴) is negative, female and passive in nature while Yang (阳) is positive, male and active in nature.

    Yin Yang is the principal of how these opposing forces complement, connect and depend on each other in the natural world. All chinese characters can be classified under Yin or Yang and are identified by the number of strokes each character possesses. All even numbers are Yin while all odd numbers are Yang. A well chosen name should have a good balance of both forces.

    Stroke Theory - BabyChineseNames.com

    Stroke Theory

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    The number of strokes in each character is counted and summed in different combinations to derive one's fortune in Wu Ge (五格). This is known as Stroke Theory, where each number corresponds to a different degree of auspiciousness.

    Wu Ge (五格) lays out 5 different categories of influence that a name has on destiny. These categories predict one's destiny in a holistic manner across career, relationships, health, wealth and much more.

    Zodiac Compatibility - BabyChineseNames.com

    Zodiac Compatibility

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    After the basic frame work of a name has been established, our Name Architects will match its compatibility with your child's Zodiac Sign. This is done so as to make sure your characters incorporate certain characteristics of your Zodiac Animal. This is to further enhance the name's suitability and significance.

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