• Our Story

    A name is the shortest spell one can cast.

    Giving a good name is gifting someone a lifetime of blessings - Master Jiang

    According to traditional Chinese naming principals, a name affects a person's destiny. Names have far reaching impacts on many dimensions of life such as career, relationships, wealth, family and personality.

    When one's name is not proper, one's words will not be accepted.

    If one's words are not accepted, one cannot achieve anything - Confucius

    This saying expresses the great importance of a person's name in Chinese society. The importance of naming should not be treated lightly.

    Instead of giving your child go, teach him a skill. Instead of teaching him a skill, bestow a good name upon your child - Master Jiang

    .The Chinese strongly believe that names affect a person's self-esteem and influence the expectations of others. To choose an auspicious name for your baby is to equip your child with the necessary tools for the future.

  • Our Name Architects

    Guided by Master Jiang Yu (江宇), our lead Name Architect. We are here to simplify the naming process. We are here to take care of the entire process. Leave everything to us so you can spend your precious time and energy celebrating the new addition to your family.

  • This is how we do it

    Our Methodology

    Our Name Architects dedicate themselves to producing the best Chinese names possible. We run through a comprehensive process of naming methods to ensure you get the best name possible.

    An auspicious name is specifically crafted to a person. The interaction of each character and stroke must be composed to the individual to ensure that the name is in equilibrium and is in harmony with the universe.

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    This is a very important moment. We'll help you pick the perfect name.